Why Are You Here?

Welcome to my very first website I ever created. In this site
you will find my JavaScript game, My Web images, and my
animation. The directions for the JavaScript game are simple:
1. Use the arrow keys to move. 2. Try to catch the spooky
skeleton that ate your lunch and stole it. 3. HAVE FUN!!!!
4.-Optional- Use a watch or timer to make it a challenge.

My Image

The reason I created these images was because I really
like pirates for the first web image but my second image
has a more deeper meaning. The second picture was suppose
to be the heart of a violinist and the embodiment of the
heart of music.

Please wait while Loading. Thank you.

My Animation

I created the animation because I really like pirates and
because I wanted to do something that no one has seen

Animation created and designed in Painter